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PhotoCitischool, a 'school without walls', was created in June 2001 when a 40,000 grant was received from the Learning & Skills Council. Citischool's mission was to prepare 15-16 year old students for employment, lifelong learning and active citizenship, using a network of citizens, individuals and corporate organisations, to provide active learning experiences.

PhotoCitischool opened in September 2001 with funding from schools and the local authority for 12 students. Citischool became an independent school in 2002-3 and was governed through a Committee of the Board of Countec EBP, the Education Business Partnership for Milton Keynes.

PhotoCitischool offered a full time alternative education programme suitable for Key Stage 4 students who were excluded, are at risk of exclusion, or who were expected to leave school with no qualifications. Citischool was based on a model of employer-based learning developed in New York City, 'City-as-School', with students learning predominantly through work experience placements.

PhotoIn September 2008, Citischool's Graduation Programme started its eighth and final year, with 22 students. A further 14 students joined the programme during the school year. All student places were funded by the Milton Keynes Behaviour Partnership (MKBP), comprising all twelve secondary schools in Milton Keynes, which has had control of the budget for all alternative education in the secondary sector since September 2007.

PhotoDuring 2008/9 MKBP reshaped the alternative provision in Milton Keynes with the development of Personalised Education Centres (PECs) which meant that, from September 2009, all students not in mainstream education would be enrolled in one of the PECs. Since there was no further demand for full-time places in Citischool, and independent schools are required to enroll a minimum of 5 full-time students, Citischool closed in the summer of 2009.

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